The easiest way to report videos, accounts, and comments to TikTok

how to report Tik Tok
how to report Tik Tok

Short video social network Tik Tok increasingly develops in both the number of users and the number of videos uploaded every day. This also entails uploading videos that contain offensive content, violate this social network’s content policies, or videos with inappropriate content for you. And to limit this, Tik Tok also provides options for you to report problematic videos, harmful comments to the community and even report the accounts of Tik Tok users. The following article will show you how to report bad, malicious Tik Tok videos, accounts, comments.

Instructions on how to report video reports on TikTok

When offensive or annoying videos appear, you usually click on the “Share” icon marked with the arrow in the image below. Then the interface of the Tik Tok application will switch to the options. Now click on the “report” (with a triangle and an exclamation point).

After pressing, the application will go to the reporting page. Now you need to choose why you are reporting this video. Finally, take a video photo and specify the reason for the video report. Then click “Submit” and you have completed reporting a video on Tik Tok.

And if this video does not violate any Tik Tok policies, but you do not want it to appear in your account, there is a simple way to get rid of it: press and hold the video. Then there will be a menu board pop up, click on the line “not interested”. The video and the like will no longer be displayed.

how to report Tik Tok
how to report Tik Tok

Instructions on how to report an account Report on TikTok

And if you see a problem account, which violates the policies of this social network, click on the profile picture of that account. You will be redirected to the account view of the person who wants to report. On the account you want to report, there will be a 3-dot button in the right corner. Click here and there will be reporting options. You select a reason to report this account and then press the button “send”.

how to report Tik Tok

Instructions on how to report a comment report on TikTok

If you find a comment that violates community standards such as obscene, obscene, or damaging someone else’s reputation, you can report it by long-pressing on the comment. A menu will appear for you to choose from. Click the report button, choose a reason you want to report and press the “submit” button.

When reporting, all content you report on Tik Tok will be processed and the above videos, accounts and comments will no longer be displayed in your feed.

how to report Tik Tok

Above are ways to report videos, accounts, comments Tik Tok that we share for you. Join us to learn about tips on using tik tok download in the following articles.

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