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As we all know TikTok is a place that inspires creativity and brings a lot of fun and entertainment to users. To build a global community we can share, discover, and connect with those around us. Let’s find out how Tik Tok has proposed “for you” videos.

#For You – how is Tik Tok recommended?

When using this app to access the items that most often show up in your personal account. Along with the content creatively and specially loved, it is provided by the content recommendation system according to each person’s preferences. The most special thing is that “for you” is not fixed, we can watch different videos and there are some videos like content but different ways.

for you
how is Tik Tok recommended?

Category “For You” is one of the unique features of Tik Tok about the preferences of each user. With a system that recommends content according to the preferences of each user and how to resolve problems and services that may be encountered. If there are difficulties in using the application, we absolutely may need assistance from Tik Tok.

The basic characteristics of the content proposal system

Maybe content recommendation systems are ubiquitous. Not only promoting results but also functions a lot of services that we can use every day. From the smallest things like shopping, there are search toolbars to finding items that we really care about. Basically, the system that has proposed content after learning through the user often has interaction with those platforms. After that, we can comment or share and follow the account that you like best. Or the signals will help us to statistic the reviews and recommend the most liked people.

How do I create a category “For You”?

As we all know, on the Tik Tok platform, there is a section “For you” to show personalization. In particular, the system will propose videos with high ratings based on many factors of content, practicality in the video, and approach to the audience. Starting with hobbies as shown through personality, creative hobbies and have passion that can form personalized content on the “For You” section.

But perhaps to propose content is not a simple thing, so we need to note the following 3 things:

  1. Personal account settings, along with the language and country in which you live in the device. Factors that can contribute to optimizing performance as well as on the system.
  2. Next is the interaction with users, whether they like your video content or not, click follow and like, share your video for more people to know. Then we will create interaction with them by liking and sharing, following them to create as friendly as possible.
  3. The video information, by Tik Tok is a short video of 15 seconds to 60 seconds. We can be creative with our videos, but the content needs attention and the message, every element is close to the viewer. Creating comfort and entertainment for them, or necessary current information, we can attract viewers to our personal accounts.
for you
How do I create a category “For You”?

With these factors we can completely systematically recommend the “for you” category. If our videos are too short or the content is unclear, then this will be very difficult to have high engagement and they may not like and feel the video is not suitable. Maybe the videos get a lot of views by creativity that appeal to the audience, at this point your video views will achieve high performance aimed at the real and direct elements of your personal product.

Manage “For You” categories

Managing categories is essential if you want to increase the views and likes of your video. First, watch all the videos on Tik Tok to see that the videos are hot trends on Tik Tok. Then watch the videos with million views, like how to upload their videos and their description and hashtag to the video. There are many ways to increase video to users.

How to recommend to the “For You” category

When you want to follow the “hand wash” movement during the last Covid-19, we can shoot a short video. Dancing hand washing dance like the original, we can completely create and refresh it with other images. But remember, the content always takes priority and allows viewers to see it when they start watching the video.

Then we can edit the video, with special filters or the best. We can also add unique and strange stickers to the video to create harmony, not too many stickers will confuse viewers.

When posting, post a message you want to send and share with your viewers. Then hashtag the content in the video like #vuhieuruatay #ruataysachkhuan # covid19, … can refer to the original videos or the videos with the most views. Post a successful post then interact with your followers and like your Tik Tok. It is only a short video, but it will give viewers a positive spirit about the Covid season. Always wash your hands to avoid bacteria, and at the same time propagate positive things and act beautifully about the Covid season like “Stay home when your country needs”. So we have a trendy video that can send viewers understandable content as well as beautiful action.

for you
Hot trend Tik Tok

We can completely follow a lot of genres and trends on Tik Tok, but change and follow our own creativity. Do not repeat the content or the videos too many times. This will be boring for the viewer and will likely drop followers. Always update what’s new that is emerging today, or create the content you like the most. You can completely create your own theme throughout your personal Tik Tok account. Good luck!

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